Lori Lewis

"The headline comes from 'The Art of War,' attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist, SUN TZU, covering the aspects of warfare and how it applies to strategy and tactics," notes MODERN LUXURY VP/Social Media and MERGE author LORI LEWIS.

"And it's the (critical) truth for any company who mirrors what was revealed in BUFFER’s recent 'State of Social Media.' 

"While the report starts positive with 6 in 10 companies agreeing social media is very important to their overall strategy, it was alarming to then read over half of the respondents admitted yet they don’t have a documented strategy.

"They are just winging it.

"And then here’s where it got messy.

"When asked how effective social media has been for their business, 7 in 10 noted somewhat effective to ineffective." 

Read more about "Tactics Without Strategy Is The Noise Before Defeat" in MERGE, which is designed and written to help assist the radio and record industry in the social and digital space.

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